Jordan Elliot Finch



I have created two custom plug-ins for CS-Cart for this online shop: (1) a "despatch countdown", which shows users how long they have to order something in order for it to be delivered by a specified day - this is controlled by the client on a custom-made backend; (2) a "game scores" lookup table, which allows users to search for games and compare a product's GPU and CPU scores to the scores required to run the game well.

Additionally, I touched up some of the CSS of the website to client specification as the pre-made theme used wasn't up to scratch.

  • Custom-made CS-Cart extensions
  • CSS touch-up

Into Oblivion

My friend and I were playing a Dungeons and Dragons-esque game with each other online, when he had the idea that I should make our virtual world into reality into a game. Thus, this side-project of mine was born.

The game includes:

  • A huge PHP back-end, handling data processing and security
  • Heavy use of JavaScript to handle the game, including:
    • AJAX, for executing back-end processes without disrupting gameplay
    • Seamless navigation
    • Inventory handling
    • Combat handling
    • Quest handling