Jordan Elliot Finch



    I've had plenty of experience with HTML, including HTML5 and its practices. I am capable of building whatever you need to be as sophisticated and neat as possible. Accuracy with regards to your specification is of the utmost importance to me.
    I've also become quite familiar with HTML5 canvas and have created several animated mini-games as side-projects; I am capable of creating fancier elements for your website if you so desire.

Specific skills:

  • SEO-sensitive HTML5
  • e-Reader / accessibility-specific markup
  • HTML5 canvas (powered by JavaScript)


    As HTML and CSS go hand-in-hand, I naturally have as much experience styling websites as marking them up. I'm capable of employing different artistic styles, such as the bootstrap style and the parallax effect.

Specific skills:

  • Responsive design (flexbox, CSS grid, targeted responsiveness)
  • Mobile-specific website styling
  • CSS3 animations


    I have a lot of experience with JavaScript and many of its libraries. Be it a series of modals, an interactive image slider, or something more complicated, I have the knowledge to create a powerful website with a wide range of capabilities.

Specific skills:

  • AJAX
  • jQuery UI
  • AngularJS
  • Mustache.js
  • Unslider.js
  • Game processing (HTML5 and text-based)
    • Including efficient object-oriented programming and collision detection algorithms, amongst other things


    My main wealth of PHP experience has come from the Into Oblivion project and my time at Gamepoint.
    My speciality is front-end development (what the everyday user sees). However, I used PHP heavily while working for GamePoint and I am very confident with it if your needs demand something server-side such as a login/registration page, user-specific pages, and password-protected areas.
    In addition, I am able to properly design and utilise MySQL databases for your needs.